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Horrifically bad idea: NYPD allows Sikh officers to wear beards and turbans…….

Police officers should not reflect the identity symbols of any religion or ethnic group, but of the society it’s sworn to uphold and defend. This opens the doors to a host of horrors that end up dividing/balkanizing society, when it needs cohesiveness.

NOTE: The Muslims will love this one, next, dark blue sandals and pajamas become standard issue.

Sikh community ‘very proud’ NYPD cops can sport beards, turbans for religious purposes

Michael Walsh


The Sikh Officers Association said it is heartened by the New York Police Department’s recent decision to loosen up its restrictions concerning the facial hair and head coverings of its officers.

Gurvinder Singh, an NYPD officer and the religious fraternal group’s president, said the Sikh community in New York and across the globe is “very, very proud” that officers will be able to grow beards and wear turbans in accordance with their religious tradition.

“As you know, after Sept. 11, there were a lot of issues. There was a lot of hatred toward Sikhism, but now people of New York City and all over the world will be able to see Sikhs wearing their turbans and serving their community. That’s very key because this country has given Sikhs a lot, including me and my family,” Singh told Yahoo News on Thursday.

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  1. Horrifically bad idea? I’m pretty sure the writer of this obscured , article is racist and deluded. We should be great full that ethnic minorities are becoming police officers around the word.

    1. There’s no room for making allowances in dress codes just because someone believes in this that or the other. Uniforms are for just that…uniformity.

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