Donald Trump

US: Donald Trump has unlimited war powers to destroy Islamic (Nazi) State…….

Take good aim and have lots of ammo……..

Congress leaves Donald Trump with ‘UNLIMITED WAR POWERS’ to destroy ISIS

CONGRESS’ failure to limit the war powers of the US President means Donald Trump looks set to enjoy free rein to wage war on the barbaric Islamic State regime when he takes office in January.


There are few limitations on the President’s ability to wage war because Congress has failed to update legislation on the use of military force.

Following the 9/11 attacks, a document, known as the ‘2001 Authorisation for Use of Military Force’, was introduced to allow George W. Bush and later President Obama to authorise military action against terrorists responsible for the devastating attacks.

The same legislation has been used to justify military involvement in countries all over the world, including Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan.

Throughout Obama’s second term, Congress pushed to limit the war-making abilities of the President after questions were raised about whether the US leader should be given so much sway on determining the country’s military activities.

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