David Vance: Terrorists walk free but handling of bacon constitutes jail time leading to death…….

In the U.K. terrorists walk free from justice whilst bacon handling constitutes a penal sentence leading to death 

— David Vance

Convict who tied BACON TO MOSQUE DOOR HANDLES dies behind bars

A 35-year-old man serving a 12-month sentence for a racist attack on a Bristol mosque has been found dead in prison – just two days after Christmas Day.


Kevin Crehan was jailed in July after he attacked Jamia mosque in Totterdown, Bristol, along with three others in January this year.

Bacon was thrown at the mosque and a St George’s flag was propped up outside along with the slogan, ‘No more refugees’.

Worshippers visiting the mosque were also verbally attacked in the incident.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “HMP Bristol prisoner Kevin Crehan died in custody on Tuesday 27 December.

“As with all deaths in custody, the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will investigate.”

Update: Vlad has an essay that is pertinent to the incident:

Guest essay on capitol punishment for littering in England

The following is a comment left by Perfect Child under this multi item post where I ended it with a few thoughts about the man who died in prison while serving a 1 year sentence for what in reality should be considered littering.

More here.

2 Responses

  1. Translation: we deliberately placed a vulnerable inmate where the Muslim prisoners could attack him, and now we will find that we are in no way responsible for the intended outcome of our own actions.

    The rest of you – take note of what happens if you step out of line.

    signed: Amber Rudd, Home Secretary and Grand Mufti HM Prisons

  2. Well fuck me sideways with a barge-pole!
    I thought we got rid of blasphamy laws back in 1967!
    Seems we have them back,
    and now,
    (Thanks to the fact that UK jails are now run by muslim gangs that is)

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