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UK tomfoolery: Home Office to deport European who should actually be allowed to stay………..

But they find it difficult to deport these Muslim settler spongers?

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Dutch mother-of-two told to make plans to LEAVE Britain – despite living here for 24 YEARS

THE Home Office has told a Dutch mother to make plans to leave the country – despite the fact she has lived in Britain for almost a quarter of a century.


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Mrs Hawkins was told to make plans to leave after her application was rejected.

Monique Hawkins, a Cambridge graduate who has two children with her British husband, applied for permanent residency in the UK following the EU referendum over concerns about what might happen once the Brexit process is complete.Mrs Hawkins feared she would have to “join a US-style two-hour immigration queue” while the rest of her family “sail through the UK passport lane”.

British citizenship is not automatically granted to EU citizens married to British nationals – meaning the mother-of-two had to fill out an 83-page form to obtain a “permanent residency document”.But the Home Office rejected the application, because Mrs Hawkins failed to provide her original Dutch passport.

Mrs Hawkins said the Government had ignored crucial information in her form, where she provided a covering letter explaining that she needed her passport to support her recently widowed mother in the Netherlands.

The Government’s response not only denied her permanent residency but also failed to acknowledge the fact she had lived in the country for the past 24 years.The letter said: “As you appear to have no alternative basis of stay in the United Kingdom you should now make arrangements to leave.”

Mrs Hawkins said she received the correspondence four months after sending her application, and likened her treatment by the Government to a “Monty Python” sketch.

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