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Turkey: Sister of jihadi shootist of Russian ambassador says he became Islamized at police school……

So he reconnected with his inner Mohamed in a Post-Hijra kind of way at a police school, not at a Gulen indoctrination center which is even more worrisome from a secular Turkish perspective.

Police school changed assassin of Russian envoy: Sister

Banu Şen – İZMİR

Going to police school changed Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, the off-duty police officer who killed Russia’s ambassador to Turkey last week, according to the deceased officer’s sister.

Seher Ö. said her 22-year-old brother had no dream of becoming a police officer.

“My father died when I was little. My mother married again when I was 4 years old. My grandparents raised us because my mother was working. We as a whole neighborhood went to the mosque in the summer. So I learned to read the Quran but I did not continue. My brother learned to read, too. He went to Friday and tarawih prayers when he was little. But he started to perform prayer five times a day in police school. He was a hardworking student. He had no dream of becoming a police officer. We made this decision as a family. He took an exam for the police school. We wanted this job for him because it was a guarantee and it was cheaper than other schools,” she said.

Contrary to claims, Altıntaş did not study at the private Körfez cram school, which was allegedly run by the Gülen movement, Seher Ö. said.

“He definitely did not register at the Körfez school and no businessman helped us [as claimed]. My mother subsidized my brother for the educational fee. I registered at the Körfez course, not my brother. Anyway, there was no FETÖ [Fethullahist Terror Organization] in those days. I and a lot of friends registered at the school in 1999,” she said.

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