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Belgium: 14 y/o Muslim found with sack full of bombs labelled “allahu akbar”……..

Lone cub…..

Belgium terror fears: Boy, 14, found with rucksack full of bombs marked ‘Allah Akbar’

POLICE arrested a 14-year-old boy whose rucksack was packed with explosives amid fears of an imminent terror attack at a major railway station in Europe’s “jihadi hotspot”.

Belgian police discovered a 14-year-old boy carrying a rucksack of explosives in Molenbeek

The swarmed onto a construction site near Molenbeek train station, Belgium, after they saw plumes of smoke rising from one of the skeleton buildings.Four teenagers were discovered inside, one of whom was allegedly carrying a deadly cargo of homemade bombs in his back pack.The 14-year-old was also in possession of a bottle with the words “Allah Akbar” engraved into it, according to police.

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