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Indonesian militants planned New Year’s assault with machetes: police

By Fransiska Nangoy

By Fransiska Nangoy

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesian militants supporting Islamic State planned to attack a police post on New Year’s eve with machetes and knives, a police spokesman said on Monday.

The plot was broken up after police arrested two of the would-be attackers who led them to their hideout, where police shot dead their two co-conspirators on Sunday after police said they tried to attack officers with machetes.

“The four of them were planning to attack a police post in Purwakarta. They planned to attack on New Year’s Eve,” Rikwanto, a national police spokesman, told reporters, referring to a district about 100 km (60 miles) east of the capital, Jakarta.

Sunday’s raid was the latest in a series over recent weeks that police say have disrupted attacks, raising concern that homegrown militants in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation are getting bolder.

Police said last week that at least 14 people were being interrogated over suicide bomb plots targeting the presidential palace in Jakarta and an another undisclosed location.

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