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Take a look at this hard-Leftist rag’s headline……

The Guardian, a great example of “fake news”

Check out the headline on Fake news purveyor, The Guardian concerning the Geert Wilders verdict:

Did a court find Geert guilty on a criminal charge? Yes.

But the whole thing adds up to a Soviet style approach to reality.

More here at Vlad’s

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  1. TundraTabloids has absolutely no Contact Us links. There seems to be no way to get in touch with their editors. That is why I am leaving this note on a random article. Can anyone please contact me or let me know how to contact TundraTabloids?

    1. my comment section will suffice for now, please kindly state your business.

    2. Use the Comments Section.

      That’s what its for.

      This is an open forum – unless you demonstrate that you are a complete screwball – which I’m not suggesting you are.

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