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Danish Diplomats: Obama Lied About Threat of Islamic State

Israeli expert: world must deal with Islamic State, before it deals with the world.

A couple of months after Islamic State began to conquer large areas in Iraq and Syria, an assistant reporter working for the Japanese paper Asahi Shimbun met with diplomats of the Danish embassy in Damascus.

They told the assistant reporter (who told Western Journalism she prefTHREAT OFers to stay anonymous) that the CIA had repeatedly warned the Obama administration and Western governments that ISIS was the biggest threat to world peace since Hitler’s Nazi regime. The diplomats said they used to receive CIA cables with warnings about Islamic State’s activities.

The conversation between the diplomats and the Asahi reporter took place in Copenhagen months after President Obama had called Islamic State a ‘junior varsity’ team and later blamed the U.S. intelligence services for underestimating the threat of ISIS.

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