Islam in the Netherlands Wilders


Wilders calls the Netherlands “A sick Country.”

A court has condemned Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders – without any punishment – because of the statement that he wants less Moroccans. Wilders reacted by saying that the Netherlands has become a sick country. He added: “Moroccans are no race and people who say something about Moroccans are not racists. I am not a racist, nor are my voters.”


NOTE: Every state, leaders, politicians and average citizens have the right to determine what people they desire to come into their country.

I reject the notion that insisting and end to immigration from certain countries is either unjust, bigoted or even racist. Demanding an end to Muslim immigration/illegal migration coming into your country, especially from areas of conflict where participants are planning to do harm in your country, is not racist, bigoted or even uncaring, it’s sane policy based on self preservation. Period. If countrymen feel that a certain nationality is no longer conducive to a healthy society, it’s their right to say so. More people need to now stand up and say “I’m Geert Wilders” and I demand that no more Moroccans are allowed into the country.

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