Aid orgs Palestinian Misuse of Aid


Yet another reason to end aid to the Paleostinian Authority and Hamas’ Gazastan…..

A succession of stories has revealed the results of this daft policy with revenues from taxes used to help pay salaries for Palestinian terrorists, provide English lessons for North Korean government officials and pump cash into countries wealthy enough to have their own space programmes. The latest scandal involving Adam Smith International, as reported over the past fortnight, is the inevitable consequence of politicians thinking they look kind by frittering other people’s money.

Israeli, Kay Wilson, was one of the catalysts in getting the UK to freeze aid to the PA over its policy of paying salaries to terrorists. Having been almost slaughtered to death by two Arab Islamonazis, Kay Wilson found it incredible that the UK was funnelling money to the PA which in turn was funding the very people who attacked her. Also, the Paleostian Authority has been the biggest receiver of international aid in the history of the world, and with nothing to show for it but wealthy Arabs who lord it over the rest of their people.

The below picture is of the walled off estate of a billionaire Palestinian overlooking the valley of the city of Nablus (ancient Israeli Shechem) taken by myself on during my tour of Israel with pro-Israel blogger Brian of London and Tommy Robinson.

Located in the center of the city is a “Palestinian refugee camp” right in front of a massive building complex with a massive dark plated glass overlooking them.

Stop this sick corruption of passion: An impassioned plea from IAN BIRRELL, who’s exposed the greed and tricks of foreign aid barons

Like many people of my generation, influenced by the begging bowl concerts of Live Aid, I wanted to believe in aid and the idea that we could end poverty on our planet with enough cash.

But over the years I have been investigating the aid industry, I have discovered the flaws in this simplistic argument – and that something dark lies at the heart of this swollen sector. And that is the C-word: corruption.

Not just the corruption of cash being stolen – although there is enough of that going on as budgets become ever bigger. British donations will double over this decade to an incredible £16 billion by 2020.

Over the years he has been investigating the aid industry, IAN BIRRELL said he has discovered that something dark lies at the heart of this swollen sector

Over the years he has been investigating the aid industry, IAN BIRRELL said he has discovered that something dark lies at the heart of this swollen sector

But the more insidious, corrosive kind of corruption caused by uncontrolled sums of money swilling around Whitehall and then sprayed across the world regardless of cautionary advice coming from economists, experts and developing nations.

This kind of corruption warps the human spirit. So people professing to do good end up causing harm, conniving to cover up misdeeds and crunchiing the core ideals they claim to espouse.

Sadly, I have seen this all too often as major charities and fat cat private firms chase gold spewing from government coffers. They pose as modern-day saviours of the poor, clad in the clothing of compassion, while serving their own interests and lining their own pockets.

This is why officials in the Department for International Development have the highest median salaries in Whitehall at £52,700 a year – more than twice the average across the civil service. Some have had bonuses, presumably as reward for shoving enough cash out of the door.

This is why a giant charity such as Save the Children thinks it acceptable to issue emotive appeals for cash while it collects £104 million in contracts from the state, colludes on a campaign for aid with Ministers that dupes the public and pays a former Danish politician £235,000 a year in salary.

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