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Once again underlining the notion that it’s purely wisdom in choosing where your immigrants come from, as well as demanding a period of respite from immigration in order for their assimilation to mature.

The town where even immigrants are fed up with migration: Failing schools, filthy streets and benefit fraud – a ROBERT HARDMAN dispatch which those who accuse Brexiteers of racism MUST read

ROBERT HARDMAN dispatch for those who accuse Brexiteers of being racist MUST read

The reason that 17.4 million British people voted to leave the European Union, so it is written in The Book Of Remain, is that they were ill-informed and hoodwinked by a gang of political shysters with a bogus pledge about NHS funding on the side of a bus.

However, it’s a safe bet that those who proclaim this to be the gospel truth will never have walked through Page Hall – the area of Sheffield singled out in a landmark Government report this week – let alone lived anywhere like it.

The district has been singled out by a Government report highlighting the impact of 6,000 Roma moving into one mainly Asian community. Three years ago, former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett, who was then still a local MP, warned that its streets were a ‘boiling pot’ waiting to spill over into riots.

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  1. Oh yeah the Roma(they call themself mostly Gipsys-specially in Romania!And in Hungary there is a Gipsy Politcal Party!)are very funny…also in germany Turks moved away because of them…saying:They are loud and aggressive…hahaha…hey dont you know why the germans leaved?Also the Turks today say there:Its bad because therer are no more germans here,it was so nice and if i look today in the street i must puke…other Turks sayed:Why germany take always mideastern people in?we cant anything…why dont they bring swedes or something…

  2. ps. I forget:Romas are also ASIANS!They came from India.So they are old brothers,arent they?

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