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It’s what happens when an ideology followed by over a billion people consider women chattel and subsequently reduced to roles subservient to their totalitarian husbands.

A real big stab into the heart of the (fraud) meme that Islam is a liberation movement for females.

DR MAX: It makes my blood boil, the Muslim wives we doctors just can’t help … something HAS to change

The young woman sat in front of me in my clinic, her husband beside her. She looked scared and confused. ‘She cries all the time,’ her husband said, somewhat impatiently.

‘How long have you been feeling like this,’ I asked, smiling at her. ‘It’s been at least six months,’ replied her husband.

In fact, every question I asked her, he answered for her. When I asked him to allow her to answer, he looked affronted. ‘She is my wife. I know the answers to your questions,’ he replied indignantly.

He was at least 15 years older than his wife, and he had brought her to this country to live with him about a year before, after they had married. They were both from Bangladesh and she could not speak a word of English.

I had tried to arrange an interpreter for our sessions, but the husband had insisted he would translate. Besides, he said, it was a small community and people talk: he couldn’t trust an interpreter.

Yet he never actually let her answer anything. It was impossible to ascertain what she really thought — or, crucially, what I could do to help.

When I suggested his wife was homesick because she never saw a single person apart from him and his family, he was deeply offended. ‘I am all she needs,’ he said.

This is far from unusual. Over the course of my career, I have seen this situation play out time and again. Wives are brought to this country from overseas and effectively kept prisoner in their own homes.

Forbidden to integrate or even to talk to outsiders, they are segregated and isolated, cut off from the wider country in which they live.

From my experience, this problem almost always seems to be a Muslim one. Indeed, a major report out this week by Dame Louise Casey highlighted how Muslim communities remain isolated even after its members have lived here for decades, because the men often marry foreign women who do not speak good English.

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