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I’m all for people living where they want in society, but these muslims would be better suited in the home country, where they won’t feel so “put upon” to join the rest of modernity.


Muslim backlash at ‘divisive’ race report: But author slams ‘right-on’ critics for turning blind eye to truth

Angry Muslim groups hit back last night after a government report said deepening segregation along race and religious lines had fuelled extremism and child sex abuse.

The report accused public bodies of ignoring or condoning ‘regressive, divisive and harmful’ cultural and religious practices for fear of being called racist.

Public institutions have ‘swept problems under the carpet’ rather than confronting them – scuppering opportunities to tackle terror sympathisers, hate preachers, criminal gangs and paedophiles.

In a damning indictment, author Dame Louise Casey blamed successive governments for failing to handle mass immigration, leading to growing numbers of neighbourhoods becoming ghettos.

The senior civil servant slammed ‘right-on’ critics for turning a blind eye to ‘worrying levels’ of segregation and social exclusion. Deep-seated ‘misogyny and patriarchy’ in some communities had contributed to divides in Britain, she concluded.

Theresa May last night denied seeing Dame Louise’s report before it was published. Her denial followed claims the critical document was watered down following interventions from civil servants.

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