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It’s everything that we’ve warned about…..for years.

On the front line of segregation Britain: As new report reveals the ‘ghettos’ created by years of mass immigration, how Blackburn is now a prime candidate for UK’s most racially divided community

NEIL TWEEDIE visits a Blackburn dominated by hilltop mosques and division

What a strange thing it is to stand in a street in Britain asking someone if they know of a white family living in the neighbourhood. This is liberal, multi-cultural Britain of the early 21st century, after all, not apartheid South Africa.

One would imagine that people of all races in this country mix, to some extent at least, in all towns and cities. But this is Blackburn (pictured), in central Lancashire, a prime candidate for the title of Britain’s most racially segregated community.

The young lady answering the query is British-Pakistani and says politely that she thinks the white family live in the house with the Ford car outside, writes NEIL TWEEDIE.

Meanwhile, Angry Muslim groups hit back last night after a government report said deepening segregation along race and religious lines had fuelled extremism and child.

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