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Friends of Vlad Tepes Blog, may remember Tania G., the leader of PEGIDA Denmark, also known as For Freedom Denmark.

A more courageous fighter for classical liberalism you will not meet. And with a heart to match.

Tania and her group are hosting a demo in an area of Copenhagen tomorrow. As they are ahead of ET by 6 Hours, that means in about 6 hours from the time of this writing.

The plan is to have carols, traditional Christmas treats, and possibly even a short and somewhat generic service for this most significant Holliday in the Christian faith, in the capital of a nation who’s flag has the Cross as its emblem in no uncertain terms.

The only thing is, they are holding it in an area which is teetering on the brink of becoming a Muslim no-go zone. The area, for the first time, has stopped having Christmas decorations in the stores. And the local shops are not contributing to any Christmas activities in the area.

The left is furious that For Freedom would dare to make an incursion into the freshly Balkanized region Islam has established and is lashing out.

Below, a photo from an article in the Danish Press about how the lawyer for PEGIDA.DK’s office was vandalized.


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