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They both want the same thing, an Islamic Netherlands, the differences are in the details in how to go about it.

No doubt if you would talk with the 80 y/o man, he’d check off most, if not all, of the boxes the young attacker would have checked off. Also, this is how all the mosques in the UK/US are being turned by post-hijra adherents (Islam 101).

Muslim leader, 80, attacked in mosque as tensions rise between old and ‘young radicals’

CCTV footage of mosque attackCEN

An elderly mosque leader is thrown to the floor in the violent attack

AN ELDERLY Muslim leader has been attacked in a mosque amid rising tensions between older sections of the community and “young radicals”.

The shocking CCTV footage from the Al-Ummah mosque in Amsterdam shows the 80-year-old muezzin – the person who calls the faithful to prayer five times a day – being thrown to the ground by a younger man, believed to be part of a radical Muslim group.

According to local media, the violent attack was carried out by the son of a radical Imam whose faction tried to take over the mosque.

A spokesman for the City of Amsterdam confirmed the incident took place on November 10.

The muezzin has since filed a criminal complaint regarding the assault despite the alleged perpetrator believed to have fled to Morocco.

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