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Tough luck should be the response….

If you choose to emigrate from your country and live elsewhere, you need to learn the language and assimilate. Period. The host country is under no moral obligation to spend money to keep you both fluent in your own language and pass it one to future generations. That’s up to you. The UK needs to reject this nonsense out of hand.

Polish PM demands her language ‘should be taught in BRITISH SCHOOLS’ during UK visit

Theresa May and Beata SzydloPA

Polish leader Beata Szydlo & UK Prime Minister Theresa May at a Downing Street press conference

POLISH Prime Minister Beata Szydlo declared that British schools should teach the Polish language after she met Theresa May at Downing Street on Monday.

During a televised press conference, the Polish leader talked about “the option of teaching Polish as a language in British schools” after the topic was raised in a meeting of senior Polish and British politicians.

Neither the UK Prime Minister nor any senior British ministers have responded to the request, which follows a similar request made by Poland’s Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski to the Irish government last week.

The Polish PM demanded more support for the 831,000 Poles living in Britain while encouraging some of her fellow Polish nationals to consider moving back to their homeland.

NOTE: Then there’s the whiners who insist that the Poles teach English (as do many other non-English speaking countries) so the Brits must teach other languages. Bologna. The UK does not force them to teach their language, it’s only common sense that they do.

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