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There is of course no such thing as moderate Islam, that’s a Western created “safe space” for those who clash with the reality surrounding the ideology.

Journalist who criticised burka flees country after rape and death threats

AFTER making jokes about Muslim women’s clothing, a journalist has been forced to flee the country due to chilling rape and death threats.Journalist Lejla Colak


Lejla Colak, a reporter in Bosnia and Herzegovina, .

The journalist spoke about how a Bosnian soldier offered a bounty on his social media account for anyone who would sexually assault her.

She said: “He publicly called for my rape offering money to anyone who is willing to rape me.”

A Ministry of Defence investigation has stalled despite nearly two months of investigating the incident.

Journalist Lejla Colak faced rape and death threats after her comments about Muslim women’s clothing

Ms Colak caused offence in September when she made disparaging remarks about the burka, niqab or “any other religious sign”.

“Religion is supposed to represent something that is extremely personal just like an individual sexuality,” she said.

“It is something that you should keep to yourself, and to others that are like-minded, and certainly not impose on others.

“I say it’s little different to strapping a sex toy to your head, except of course that with a sex toy it is much less threatening.”

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  1. They are not Lutherans for you to attack. These are enemy soldiers, nazis in bathrobes.

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