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A political (statist) entity with a fake parliament is lecturing the Polish about democracy…..

How about a big cup of shut the hell up? They’re simply not in a position to wag any finger whatsoever. The need here is to shut down public news orgs and state-run companies intirely, force them to go private, to either stand or fall in the free market. Case closed.

The Law and Justice Party has spent the last 12 months passing laws to give it control over public media channels and the public prosecutor while purging opponents from state-run companies. 

EU braced for embarrassing defeat as Poland stands firm over sovereignty argument

Pro-democracy demonstration

BRUSSELS is facing another embarrassing body blow as a power struggle with Poland over the sovereignty of its highest court is set to end in defeat.


Successes for Brexit and Donald Trump have boosted Poland’s right-wing nationalist Law and Justice government which has outmanoeuvred the European Commission in a case which highlights how little control the EU has over democratic standards in its member states.

Warsaw has ignored the commission’s increasingly threatening demands to roll back reforms which have stripped powers from the Constitutional Tribunal, a court designed to check parliamentary power.

The defiant stance has come despite the commission’s threats of sanctions and its unprecedented decision to accuse Warsaw of endangering democracy.

A senior Polish diplomat: “As far as we are concerned, there is no procedure. We want to fix this problem by ourselves.

“There is almost no-one in Warsaw who will listen to what the commission wants to say.

“We should not be triumphalist but I do not expect any developments.”

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