These people are freaking nuts….

There’s no doubting the complete dhimmification of parts of once Great Britain.

Force supports Islamophobia Awareness Month

IslamophobiaBedfordshire Police is joining a month long campaign to raise awareness of Islamophobia and encourage victims to report such abuse.

Islamophobia Awareness Month aims to encourage the reporting of hate crimes against the Muslim community and make perpetrators understand hate crimes have no place in our society.  

Hate Crime Sergeant James Hart has set up an Islamophobia Working Group, in conjunction with the Luton Council of Mosques, which has been working with Lantern, a local women’s group which aims to support and amplify the voices of Muslim women in the community, encouraging greater social, political and civic engagement.


The working group has listened to the stories of the victims of Islamophobia from Bedfordshire, who didn’t report the incidents they experienced (see below).

As a result a group of Muslim women have now become Hate Crime Ambassadors, with the aim of increasing confidence amongst the Muslim community to speak out against this type of discrimination and victimisation. The ambassadors will be able to increase knowledge and understanding of hate crime within their communities and will be a direct link between victims and the authorities.

More here. H/T: Brian Of London

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  1. Hope the police can get a refund for the money spent. That’s the wrong finger!

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