This isn’t rocket science you know, it’s Islam…..

Shame on Sharia: Women beaten, robbed and raped. A chilling expose of how BRITISH females are being sentenced to lives of misery by Muslim courts 


  • Sharia courts across Britain are denying Muslim women their legal rights
  • Being encouraged by the British state in the name of increased security
  • Commons Home Affairs Committee begun investigation into Islamic law
  • The courts are used by Muslim families to adjudicate on personal matters

As a young British-Pakistani woman, Lubna faced an agonising decision. She was brought up a devout Muslim in a prosperous middle-class family in the north of England, but her arranged marriage to the father of her two children was a disaster.

He was both sexually abusive and physically violent; he and members of his family regularly beat up Lubna. 

When he suddenly disappeared to pursue a new life in America with a new woman, she was left to work night and day to support his elderly parents until they threw her out of their house.

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  1. To any cultural relativist who would take offense to criticizing multiculturalism, this article is one to cite.

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