The exact reason (the statist mentality) why all member states need to leave it.

‘An EU federalist of the worst kind’ MEP slams Martin Schulz over UK’s Brexit treatment

Martin Schulz and Jean-Claude JunckerGETTY

Bill Etheridge hit out at Martin Schulz over his treatment of Britain post-Brexit

He is supposed to be an even-handed chairman – he is nothing of the sort

THE President of the European Parliament has come under fire over his recent treatment of Britain after the public voted to leave the European Union.

Arch federalist Martin Schulz has been a vocal critic of Brexit ever since the historic referendum in June.

During a conference , the German mocked Britain’s alleged lack of a plan for Brexit.

He said: “Looking to the facts, I think the government in fact was not prepared for the result. Is there a plan b?

“The fact is the government expected a different outcome, a different result.

“That shows you should never play with fire.”

Mr Schulz also claimed the only reason David Cameron held the referendum was to keep the Conservative party unit amid bitter backbench fighting.

Last week he reprimanded Nigel Farage after h over their attempts to keep Britain in the single market.

Ukip MEP and former leadership candidate Bill Etheridge has hit back at the German’s repeated attempts to disrupt the UK’s exit from the bloc.

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