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Crimes by foreigners in Denmark have doubled

Crimes by foreigners in Denmark have doubled

Police respond to a recent jewellery store robbery in Aarhus. Photo: Kim Haugaard/Scanpix

Published: 13 Oct 2016 10:12 GMT+02:00

The National Police told Berlingske that 12,566 criminal charges were filed against foreigners last year. According to Chief Jens Henrik Højbjerg, the trend is likely to continue.

“As long as there are such significant welfare differences in Europe, there will be an incentive to leave one’s own country to commit crime somewhere else,” he told Berlingske. “There can be more to gain in the richer countries and one cannot expect that this is a phenomenon that will just stop on its own.”

The National Police analysis showed that it is primarily eastern European criminals who are behind the sharp increase. Romanians are the largest group of foreign criminals but the National Police said that Lithuanians and Poles are also well represented in the crime stats.

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  1. This clip exposes the folly of the mindset that persists in the belief that if we just be more nice and more understanding, all will be well.

    It’s a form of cowardice really – a defense mechanism that keeps people in a state of permanent dhimmitude.

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