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This is exactly the rotten fruits of Islamization we’ve been warning about…..

The knee-jerk dhimmified reaction of public officials to placate to those of the mohammedan creed comes at the expense of our own culture and mores. Jews have long been a part of all these societies and have never demanded the majority to amend their belief system (to curtail itself) in order to suit their own sensibilities.

Islam however, not only does just that, but they insist on importing their value system as well, including their laws called the sharia.

Principal to parents: – Avoid using the word Christmas

The principal of the primary school in Rygge asked parents to steer clear of the word “Christmas” for the sake of the children who do not celebrate it. Now Rygge FRP calls for the principal to be held accountable.

NOT CHRISTMAS: Rector of Ekholt School in Moss do not want parents to use the word "July" at the approaching feast. Photo: Google Maps / Screenshot

NO CHRISTMAS: Rector of Ekholt School in Moss do not want parents to use the word “Christmas” for the approaching holiday. Photo: Google Maps

It was perceived as a Christmas ban, that has set the minds ablaze in the municipality of Rygge. The local newspaper Moss Avis (behind paywall) has gone so far as to mention it as a “Christmas rebellion.”

It all began with a meeting at Ekholt primary school in September, where parents who wanted to hold a Christmas lunch in December, the school’s principal was asked instead to call it a winter lunch or December lunch, writes Dagbladet.

This prompted parents and others in the community to react strongly.

– Some things should not be done to unsettle others

Michael Torp (Rygge FRP), who has called into the headmaster onto the carpet, was telling the newspaper that many parents have contacted him.

– Celebrating Christmas is a tradition deeply rooted in Norwegian society, and in the Norwegian school. Some things should simply not be done to unsettle others, Torp says to Dagbladet.

– It is important to facilitate minority students, but this should not be done at the expense of Norwegian culture and Norwegian traditions, he says to Moss Avis.

Parliament Ulf Leirstein (FRP),  on Twitter that he thinks it is tragic that one can not be allowed to use words like Christmas, because it may offend some, Moss writes.

More here in Norwegian. H/T: Sami Kuisma via Rahmispossu

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  1. Now I understand! It is not “assimilation” which is what we were told and are still told. It IS ANTI-assimilation! That is to say, the HOST must BECOME the PARASITE! Brilliant of the Godless Neo-communist EU leadership to continuously pound a Golden Age (caliphate) stake through the heart of Christianity to finish the islamic job WWII and Stalin couldn’t.

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