Finland Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Remember, someone else is always footing the bill for politicians’ buffoonery…..


Come to Finland, get your medical in order before they deport you for the frauds that  you are.

Asylum seekers get private dentists

Finland is unimaginably generous in providing asylum seekers with private dental services. The native population does not even have those rights.

Taxpayer-funded reception centers procure outsourced services, mainly private companies of dentist services for asylum seekers ailments, which are considered to require emergency treatment. Services are competed for, and in Turku, for example, asylum-seekers now go to a dental clinic called Denta, and in Helsinki, the Tooth Decay.

Reception Centres also obtained interpretation services for periods of receiving services during clinic visits. For example, in the Turku region, the interpreter center will charge a one-hour liaison interpreting tax of approximately EUR 80.

However, a significant part of dentist times reserved for asylum seekers are those that will not be used without cancellations ahead of time, because asylum seekers do not show up. In this case, a dental nurse and the translator’s working hours are squandered, as well as the taxpayers’ money. Unused time will be charged with a cancellation fee, which is 45 euro per visit, for example, in Helsinki. It is not subject to the asylum seeker, but the cancellation fee is paid directly from the reception center’s budget. In Turku, due to the absence of the asylum seeker cancellations cost the state’s coffers 42-62 euros.

Moreover, interpretation costs are borne by the taxpayers for the unused time, and asylum seekers cannot be called on to pay it themselves.

while belonging to the native population must pay the municipal side dental care depending on visit fee and processing fees for treatment. Cancellation fee is EUR 51.40, which is charged to the native population and municipalities in addition to taking up unpaid bills at a quick pace to collection firms.

At 11.10 am yesterday, I submitted a written question to parliament, in which I asked what the government intends to do to ensure that the host population would not be at a disadvantage for urgent dental services because of asylum seekers and their repayment obligations due to cancellations.


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