Douglas murray Mocking Islam


You mean like this….?


Anyhow — responding to the Louis Smith drunken video, the same Mohammed Shafiq was quoted in the Sun saying of Smith: “I think he should apologise immediately. Our faith is not to be mocked, our faith is to be celebrated and I think people will be offended.” Shafiq does not explain why his faith should not be mocked. Nor does he seem to know anything about the right of free people in free countries to do or say whatever we like about Islam or any other faith whenever we feel like it. There is nothing special about Islam that means it cannot be mocked. In fact, it would be a very good thing (both for Muslims and everyone else) if it were mocked rather more. But there in that sentence is the implicit threat again. Less blatant than the threat against Maajid Nawaz, but very close indeed to the line used by the Walthamstow imam and the extremists who defend Mumtaz Qadri.

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  1. Delete the pictures for the sake of your mother’s love.

    1. For the sake of continued humanity the show must go on……

    2. Shafique: is your mother still alive or you killed her already?

  2. The above GIF was intended to cause maximum offence by having a pig with ‘Allah akbar’ on his chefs hat.

    The strange irony is that if pigs could support a religion it would be Islam or indeed Judaism, for obvious reasons and if pigs could spit roast people then it would be Gentiles and kafirs, again for obvious reasons, hint, retribution.

    1. Great! Let the offence of sensibilities continue, join the 21st century!

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