Buffoonery Politically Incorrect


Complete BS……

So being against:

  • open borders,
  • illegal immigration/mass migration of many people who hold illiberal views on women and western society in general (and who hate Jews),
  • oppose the Left’s dogged interpretation / bastardization of humanitarian laws,
  • loathe big government statist EU institutions which strip the member states of their sovereignty and quash individual liberty and,
  • oppose a supra-state/United States of Europe run by marxists and other types of socialists….

….are somehow authoritarian populists?

Monday’s papers: Immigration attitudes

The Metro freesheet headlines a recent YouGov survey indicating that half of all adults in Finland hold anti-immigrant, nationalist, and authoritarian attitudes.

Daily newspapers.
Image: E.D.Hawkins / Yle

Metro’s main print edition front page headline is “Immigration splits the Finns”. Based on a September poll in 12 European countries by the YouGov organization, the article says that findings indicate that 50% of adults in Finland hold what it calls ““authoritarian populist” opinions, meaning anti-immigration sentiments and opposition to human rights laws, EU institutions, and European integration policies.

The largest group falling into this category in Finland was found to be men. 31% were over the age of 60.

The poll found authoritarian populist opinions to be most prevalent in Romania (83%) and in Poland (78%). In the UK, 48% of those polled held these attitudes. The lowest rate, 18%, was found to be in Germany.

YouGov sampled the opinions of 1711 people in the UK and no less than 1000 people in the other 11 countries covered by the poll which was conducted in late August – early September.

Drawing on an article published by Buzzfeed, Metro quoted YouGov’s head of political research as saying that the results show that the traditional left-right political divide has been replaced by a much more complicated, nuanced mix of political groupings, with profound implications for politics across Europe.


NOTE: The world view of these jackasses is upside down, inside out and turned the other way around.

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