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Shall we now see a Leftist flotilla headed for Syria and calls for sanctions against the Russians?

A Russian cluster bomb rolls into an Aleppo hospital… hours later 50 children are dead or maimed. This is not just war crime, says heroic British surgeon, it’s an abomination

Russian cluster bomb rolls into an Aleppo hospital killing and maiming 50 children

Mail on Sunday exclusive with disaster zone doctor David Nott who gave instructions to medics 2,500 miles away in Aleppo and received photos of victims in a bid for him to help from London (bottom left): The text message from Aleppo flashed up on my phone as I was curled up on the sofa watching animated film The Good Dinosaur with my wife and 14-month-old daughter. It came from a much-loved Syrian friend, a surgeon like me.

Written in haste, it read starkly: ‘Massacres in Aleppo today… 168 cases arrived at the hospital. All of them civilians and mostly children.’ The scene of family contentment at my home in South-West London instantly dissolved. For the next 48 hours I dispensed advice, directed an operation and issued general instructions via instant messaging service WhatsApp to medics 2,500 miles away as they fought to save the lives of children pulverised by ball-bearings from cluster bombs dropped from the skies above the most benighted city on Earth. The hospital was completely destroyed.

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  1. Spare me the shipile
    fuck ’em.
    their men came over here 1st as gimmiegrants and rapefugees

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