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Have to press this in every school and work environment.

Handshaking row causes Swedish teacher to leave job

Handshaking row causes Swedish teacher to leave job

Fardous El-Sakka (left) was told she must shake hands with colleagues to work at a school in Helsingborg. Photo: Private & Anders Wiklund/TT

Published: 22 Sep 2016 12:19 GMT+02:00

Fardous El-Sakka had been doing shift work at Kunskapsskolan in Helsingborg, southern Sweden, since August. The 20-year-old, who is Muslim, chose not to shake hands with her male colleagues for religious reasons, instead opting to put her hand on her heart and bow.

When one of the male staff members took offence over her not shaking hands with him, El-Sakka was called to a meeting with the school’s principal.

She was told that staff members are required to conform to the institution’s values if they want to work there, which include gender equality.

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2 Responses

  1. She does not get unemployment benefit because she refuses to do her job?

  2. She’d rather not have her respectable job than shake hands with the “infidel,” and what does that tell us? That they value their fake religion over our feelings, customs, and culture. It’s this contempt that underlines everything muslims do in our nations, the rape, the dissimilar enclaves, the riots and terrorism… everyone needs to realize these invaders represent an alien culture dedicated to a foreign power–ISLAM. If you support muslims then you support their cult of death that threatens us all with annihilation. 9/11 was America’s Pearl Harbor, there’s no excuse for not knowing muslims are warring against America and the west in general. And the subsequent 30k acts of terror against non-muslims since underscores that deadly fact. And there can be no doubt as to why they are terrorizing and warring against us, in most cases their motives are clearly stated and wholly consistent with islam’s doctrine of supremacy for allah. And in those rare cases where there might be some doubt as to the motive for an act of terror we are left with no better explanation than they too are acting in the name of islam. It’s obvious muslims are making a concerted effort to attack our culture and freedoms on every level and all areas of life. That’s why this handshake issue is such a big deal. It’s not an isolated incident, it’s only one of a hundred ways in which muslims disrespect us as conquering invaders. Islam teaches muslims they are superior to us, that we are pigs and dogs. And practically everything they do in large ways and small is a product of their religion’s bigoted and hateful beliefs. Geert Wilders was right when he said, “No more tolerance for the intolerant.” Because he knows how those who tolerate islam end up–raped, dead, or conquered.

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