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Not so fast……..

Reiss Smith who wrote this story got at least one thing wrong, The Finns Party has proven to be a paper tiger, when the rough got going last year during the height of muslim settler migration to Finland, the leader of the party, Timo Soini, folded like a cheap suit.

Perhaps we should have seen it coming when he and his party stopped hanging around UKIP and joined the establishment block at the EU.

Anti-EU parties MAPPED: The Eurosceptics successfully attempting to break up the EU…

AFTER the historic Brexit vote, here is everything you need to know about the Eurosceptic parties trying to bring down Brussels.

Map of anti-EU partiesGETTY / EXPRESS

Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen are at the forefront of an anti-EU movement sweeping the continent

A wave of anti-EU sentiment is sweeping the continent after Britain’s historic decision to exit the crumbling bloc, leading to a swathe of Ukip-style groups growing in power and influence.

Parties such as The National Front, Freedom Party of Austria, Alternative for Germany and the Danish People’s Party are capitalising on growing frustration with unelected Brussels bureaucrats and a growing migrant crisis.

Italy’s Five Star Movement, the Netherlands’ Party for Freedom and Hungary’s Jobbik are all rallying to put an end to EU rule.Here is a run down on Europe’s main nationalist parties and figures.

France: National Front

The National Front (FN) is an anti-EU, anti-migrant movement that is struggling to turn growing popularity into power.

Its leader Marine Le Pen has said that French citizenship should be “inherited or merited” and is against the Schengen free movement policy.

The prominent anti-EU figure has promised to call a Frexit referendum and would extend the burkini ban nationwide if she wins next year’s presidential elections.


Timo SoiniGETTY

Timo Soini is the Finnish Foreign Minister

Finland: Finns Party

The Finns Party is one of the most successful anti-EU parties and is currently ruling in a coalition government with the Centre Party. The party won 38 seats in the 2015 general election and its leader Timo Soini was made Foreign Minister.

Anti-immigration is at the centre of the the party’s policies. It has argued that migration should only be permitted where it brings economic benefits to Finland and says that state healthcare reserved for Finnish nationals.

The youth wing of the party has launched a petition demanding an EU referendum. It had attracted just over 30,000 signatures, short of the 50,000 required for it to be debated, by late September.

More here.

NOTE: They successfully got into government for the first time, but it went to their heads. Saying that ”reforming the EU” (like the Hungarian president has said) is the way forward is pure hogwash, it will never happen. Collapse is more like it and preferable.

collapsing EU

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