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She didn’t say ”all foreigners”, but should have said ”many foreigners”, they’re really upset that she mentioned ”foreigners at all.

The pro-open borders ”The Local” pens this in the most ”rabid” of ways……

DF’er charged with racism for saying foreigners ‘steal, rape and kill’

DF'er charged with racism for saying foreigners 'steal, rape and kill'

DF members applaud party leader Kristian Thuelsen Dahl’s speech at the party’s national meeting over the weekend. Photo: Henning Bagger / Scanpix
Published: 20 Sep 2016 08:55 GMT+02:00

A rabid anti-immigration speech from a member of the Danish People’s Party (DF) will be investigated by police as a possible violation of Denmark’s racism law.

Speaking at DF’s national meeting in Herning over the weekend, Cheanne Nielsen delivered remarks that have been widely criticised by her political opponents.

Nielsen, a delegate from Copenhagen, lashed out at immigrants and what she perceived as a lacklustre effort from the government – which has rolled out one set of immigration restrictions after another – to sufficiently limit the number of foreigners living in Denmark.

“Why should foreigners take care of themselves, now that they can require rent and pocket money from the state as soon as they come here?” Nielsen wondered.

“They make a mess, they cheat, they steal, they rape and they kill,” she added.

“At the national meeting, I gave a speech. Unfortunately, I said ‘foreigners’ and not ‘MANY foreigners’. This has been interpreted to mean that I think ALL foreigners [cheat, steal, rape and kill, ed.]. It goes without saying that there aren’t problems with ALL foreigners. Many of them take good care of themselves and want to be a part of Danish society. But there are problems with many foreigners and we should be able to talk about it,” she wrote.

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