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Yeah, Norway really did its civil society a big favor by letting in this Islamonazi in the first place.


Norway files terror recruitment charges for first time

Norway files terror recruitment charges for first time

Ubaydullah Hussain has been in and out of the Norwegian court system several times. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Published: 20 Sep 2016 10:25 GMT+02:00

Ubaydullah Hussain, an Islamist who has had numerous run-ins with the law, on Monday became the first person in Norway to be officially charged with recruiting terrorists.

The 31-year-old is believed to have helped advise would-be terrorists, purchase equipment on their behalf and distribute contact information for members of the Islamic State.

“He denies his guilt,” Hussain’s lawyer, John Christian Elden, said.

According to the indictment in his case, Hussain helped five specific individuals make connections to terrorists and recruited at least two converts to the Islamists’ cause.

Hussain is also charged with making travel arrangements for people who either successfully joined or attempted to join Isis in Syria.

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