Possibly a watershed decsion will be made in Tommy’s favor.

Our friend Brian Of London is in the thick of the story:

Tommy Robinson’s Solicitor Swap Statements

By  Brian of London

Tommy with cops behind

There have been a couple of new developments concerning the police harassment of Tommy Robinson which I posted about last week. The YouTube videos of the incident (two versions) have had over 90,000 views hundreds of comments.Tommy Robinson’s solicitor, who is a leading expert on the misuse of police power against football fans in the UK, issued another brilliant statement. She is the same woman who is preparing for Tommy’s court appearance on September 19th relating to the notorious “F**k ISIS” flag picture. That is only possible because of a legal defense fund organised by friends of Tommy in Canada.

The full statement is a joy to read, succinct, accurate in its language but avoiding legalese. I’ll only put some extracts here:

This is believed to be a blatant misuse of a dispersal order against a football fan who did nothing more than go on a family day out: attend a football match, watch a football match on a TV in a pub with friends, and attend the fair with children.

There were no issues with either Home or Away supporters in the pub, or to my knowledge, in any other pubs in the area. So why have football fans who have attended a football match with their young children been targeted, harassed and treated with contempt by the police?


I am not aware of anyone else who was dispersed, and request that any Luton Town FC football fans who were dispersed from the City of Cambridge on Saturday to make contact with me in order that a full picture of events on that day can be obtained. It would help clarify whether the Cambridgeshire Police count of 18 people being dispersed includes the five children under the age of 11 who were in tears as they were followed by police officers.

I would also like to know if the other people who were dispersed were followed back to the train station by Cambridgeshire Police officers and video recorded by the officers for the whole of this route. It is a shame that the police officers chose to continue following and filming when it would have been clear that this police harassment was causing the children to become very distressed.

She also believes (and hints in her full statement) that the purpose of this harassment of Tommy Robinson was to provoke him into doing something which would lead to a conviction on serious enough charges to get him locked up again. That’s a very serious allegation. It’s also worth going back andreading her excellent statement in defense against the ridiculous charges arising from the anti-ISIS flag.

I made it clear why I believe Tommy Robinson and his treatment are important in my last post. I’m watching this carefully, I’m seriously horrified about what is happening to my old home country.

More here.

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