Crony capitalism is a problem, but overbloated government and public spending is stripping wealth from the country, and these marxists want more of the same until everyone is eating grass and making coffee from birch bark.

Thousands congregate in Helsinki to protest gov’t cuts

Busloads of protestors from all corners of Finland gathered in Helsinki on Saturday to protest the government’s proposed budget cuts. The activist group Joukkovoimaa hallituspolitiikkaa vastaan (People power against government policies) arranged the demonstration.

Image: Jouni Immonen / Yle

Police estimate that between 3,000 and 4,000 people gathered in Helsinki’s city centre on Saturday to protest the current government. The activist group behind the demonstration said it was to protest government cuts to low-income earners in the proposed budget.

The protest took the form of a march, which traversed the city centre and ended in front of the business lobby EK’s headquarters near the harbour. One of the protest’s main arguments was that Prime Minister Juha Sipilä has become a puppet of the business owners’ confederation. 

The protest banned the use of political party insignias, as it wishes to remain unaffiliated. The unifying principle is to oppose the current leadership’s austerity policies that punish society’s poorest members, and help find viable alternatives, organisers say.

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  1. Whose translation is this ? “Protest Government cuts” ?
    Are they protesting against them or in favour of them ?
    OK – we can take it on this occasion that it does mean “protest against”, but “to protest” doesn’t automatically mean “to protest against”.

    If it did, then “to protest one’s innocence” would mean that you were declaring yourself guilty.

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