Many years ago when I engaged in intellectual discussions with Finnish (supposedly) experts on terrorism concerning Hamas, I soon realized that they were clueless boobs, pursuing policies based upon an ideology instead of sound facts. They were (still are) utterly utopia centred, rejecting human experience (upon which enlightenment philosophy is based).

I remember discussing with an Israeli from the embassy in Helsinki his experiences with Hamas, and trying to relate those experiences with Finnish academics, who simply refused to believe that Islamonazis do in fact believe what they say they believe. There’s a serious disconnect with reality that induces them to believe in fantasies of their own making.

NOTE: The only response I could get from them (Finnish “experts”) concerning the following question:

”How can one expect the Hamas, an organization the owes its existence (and continued credibility) to destroying the Jewish state of Israel, be expected to recognize Israel when in doing so delegitimizes it’s own reason for existing?”

The responses where basically, “we just have to hope that’s not the case.” It was then I realized that these people cannot, nor ever, be taken seriously again.

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