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H/T: Ingrid Carlqvist

Why would Swedes be sad over this proposal, albeit unlikely.

Because the status quo ruling elite, and the large portion of Sweden’s dumbed down/indoctrinated society are complete morons……..

EU could halt generous asylum policy

Sweden will not be able to return to a more generous refugee policy if the EU introduces a tougher common asylum laws, according to Fredrik Beijer, Director of Legal Affairs at the Swedish Migration Board, reports the Swedish radio news.

Food and drink is distributed to refugees at Malmö Central. Stock Photography.
Today’s minimum rules could be replaced by regulations which are directly applicable law in all EU countries, according to an asylum proposals that came from the European Commission last summer.

Refugee policy are currently very different in the various member countries, some countries are more generous than others. If the proposal goes through the exact same rules apply throughout the EU.

– Yes, if this would become a reality, it becomes impossible for Sweden, or any other state, to pursue a more generous refugee policy than the one set by the EU, says Fredrik Beijer to echo.

A temporary law that will apply for three years was introduced in Sweden in the summer. Among other things, it means that asylum seekers today can only get temporary residence permits, not permanent as before.

If the EU proposal becomes a reality, it will be difficult for Sweden to go back to the old law again, according Beijer.

– Previously, it’s been an opportunity for countries to have their own more generous rules and that has Sweden had, but if this becomes a reality, it would be a made permanent solution, he says.

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