Black racists Black Separatist movement


They are nothing more than a nihilist, marxist, black separatist front group trying to upend the system. Critical Theory, straight from the Frankfurt school of cultural marxism.

Black Lives Matter movement comes to France. But will it translate?

August 8 at 4:16 AM

His name was Adama Traoré, a 24-year-old black construction worker who loved soccer and spent the summer aching for the much-anticipated French victory in the Euro 2016 finals that never came.

For Adama, what did come this summer was death in police custody on July 19, his birthday. According to police documents shared with select French media outlets, Adama and his brother, Bagui, were stopped on their bikes that afternoon in the center of this small town, which is about an hour north of Paris. The police were after Bagui, wanted in connection with an extortion case.

But when Adama fled the scene, three officers ultimately subdued him by pouncing on his back all at once. By the time they arrived at the station, the officers said Adama was not breathing. He was immediately pronounced dead, but his older brother, Lassana, said in an interview that Beaumont police then told the family they could bring their brother a sandwich while he was held.

More here.  H/T: Fjordman

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