If he doesn’t soon change course…..the country is toast…..

People aren’t really appreciating just how bad Trump’s campaign has been

People aren’t really appreciating just how bad Trump’s campaign has been

Destroyer of worlds? (Image via outsidethebeltway.com)

[Ed. – Hey, not my headline.  Copied word for word from the original post.  You people clearly aren’t responding to the cues the way you’re supposed to.]

Longtime political veterans say they cannot recall a candidate who has similarly and needlessly damaged himself quite so badly.

“I have been around politics for 40 years, as a journalist and a participant, and I have never seen anything like this last week,” said David Axelrod, President Barack Obama’s longtime aide and now a CNN commentator.

It’s not just Democrats who are amazed by the collapse. Underscoring the extent to which Trump’s campaign has bewildered political professionals, Republicans are also shaking their heads at their candidate’s indifference to basic campaign norms ― a strategy that worked in the primaries, but is proving disastrous in the election’s closing months.

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything quite like this,” said David Kochela former strategist for Mitt Romney and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s presidential campaigns. “To have a candidate who reflexively takes the bait on any perceived slight, picks needless fights with his own party after the convention, constantly punches down and obsesses with his own cable news coverage is something we’ve never seen before.”

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  1. Huffington Post?

    Does anyone in the Centre, or right of Centre actually read the stuff in that rag?

    But unfortunately the Donald would appear unable to keep his trap shut; he should learn not to retaliate – this propensity could be his undoing.

    But the alternative does not bear thinking about.

    We live in strange times.

    1. The truth, regardless of where its found is still the truth.

  2. I like this site but the anti Donald stuff is ridiculous. There is one person that tells it how it is and does not apply political correctness and puts his life on the line and that is him. How the hell do you feel the need to try to bash him and side with evil scum like democrats, leftists and all that kind of sadness??? Quoting huffPo … really?

    If only we in Europe had persons like that leading us instead of all the weak jew hating, muslim loving scum we got. I really feel the leftist like bashing of Trump doesnt fit this site but sadly you seem to have some hate against him 🙁

    1. Thanks for responding. First of all, I’m more than well aware of US politics, and I’m not easily drawn in by someone who poses like “he’s telling it like it is”, especially when he often contradicts himself depending upon which audience (and media) he’s pitching to. Donald Trump is only the better of two evils, he’s as much of a statist as the ones he’s supposedly in opposition to. I refuse to wear the tights and wave the pompoms and dance across the stage in this and that direction because everyone else is, or telling me to.

      I base my political leanings on solid onservative principles, enlightenment philosophy based on human experience, the US has had other Donald’s, at end of the 18th/beginning of the 19th cenury, the populist/nationalist/agrarian movement….which went on to become the progressive movement which captivated both parties which led to the distancing from the US constitution and to today’s massive problems and disarray.

      Donald may say some right things, but he’s a NY lib, a statist, and at best, the lesser of two evils who I might in the end, end up voting for, but that won’t stop me telling the truth about him, and sticking to my principles, even if im stuck voting for him in the end….and thats a big if. Conservatism (read=US constitutionalism) willbe in the end, the only thing that will save the country, not a Donald, not a populist nor an agrarian. Nationalism in the US context is an oxymoron, and it’s not constitutional minded.

      If I can influence people to be more critically minded, then I have accomplished something, hopefully some of those influenced can exert some influence on Trump, and steer him to a more conservative agenda. It’s too bad we have a candidate in need of steering, when we had one already at the control of the wheel.

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