Hijabs and other muslim headgear are signs of sharia compliance, a system of law that is against modernity, human rights, classical liberalism and everything else that you hold dear. Contrary to what they say about the hijab and abbayas:

Hijabs and abayas, both a tradition and a personal choice in most Middle Eastern cultures,

…they’re also enforced by the muslim street, and if people in most muslim cou tries had the real ability to choose ( and free from being brainwashed) they wouldn’t wear them, like in times past before the rebirth of post-hijra islam.

Muslim female athletes find sport so essential they compete while covered

By Chuck Culpepper  

 On a perfectly breathable Friday near sunset in the spring, you might have spotted what residents say you never would have spotted 10 years ago: women, here and there, on the pathways that twist near a sports park, walking briskly or jogging, in their abayas.

Look more carefully, and you would have noticed another novel sight of the 2010s: six cyclists on their bikes, zipping back and forth, coed — four men in helmets, two women in helmets and hijabs.

These two sisters have happened upon a passion for triathlon in their 20s, and the sport has driven them around the world and even to the wilds of eBay. That’s where Najla Al Jeraiwi, determined that being covered would not impede being competitive, bought 15 body suits some time ago, fearing their obsolescence because swimming’s governing body had banned them from world competition. She gave three to her sister Nada. She gave four to friends. “I have the rest, but with time it’s getting worn down,” she said. “So now we’re struggling.”

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