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“And they (liberals) applaud that but if you say something about a woman being forced to wear a beekeeper suit in the hot sun all day…”

Dawkins then took over saying: “But that’s ‘their culture’ and you have to accept it. It’s the one exception. Liberal about everything but this one exception, ‘it’s their culture’.

“Well, to hell with their culture.”

Dawkins went on to say Islam had a “free pass”  because of the “terror of being thought racist” if the religion is criticised.

‘To hell with their culture’ – Richard Dawkins in extraordinary blast at Muslims

TOP academic and atheist Richard Dawkins has attacked western society’s relaxed attitude to radical Islam in an extraordinary outburst.

Dawkins has been criticised for the comment aimed at Muslims

The British scientist was appearing on a live TV chat show in the United States when he blasted “to hell with their culture” when referring to some practices in Islam, such as women being made to wear burkhas.

Dawkins was appearing on the Bill Maher’s HBO show and the pair were debating regressive liberals and, in particular, universities banning those with extreme views from giving lectures.

The conversation turned to Islam when Dawkins criticised those afraid to confront the religion on some of its extreme practices, saying the religion was being given a “free pass”.

The 74-year-old said: “There’s this notion Islam and Muslims are this protected species.

“That if we talk about them at all or criticise at all, it’s somehow hurting or humiliating Muslims. It’s a ridiculous idea.”

Host Maher then added liberals should protect those who are being repressed regardless of who it offends.

He went on to say this includes women forced to wear religious clothing, which led to Dawkins extraordinary comment.

Maher said: “We’re on the side of the women’s movement and poor and minorities and whatever. Gay people, the disabled, the abused, whatever Caitlyn (Jenner) is up to. We’re all for it.

More here. H/T: Tommy Robinson

3 Responses

  1. All I can say is I am very glad I am an atheist.
    There will be more & more civil unrest in this world also greater
    Europe Canada & America Great Britain, never be afraid of Muslims
    they are lower than animals they are only brave when in a pack they
    always target women the young weak old or sick they are craven
    coward’s in perverted cruelty.
    The world is growing ever angrier on these Islamic criminals & wherever Islamic corruption & cruelty is perpetrated on none Muslims or defenseless animals since
    it is the new age liberal mentality to overlook these crimes they
    will never integrate into western society Nikolai Tesla said
    Quote (You will see man made horror’s beyond your comprehension) End
    Crimes which includes rape stealing pedophilia hate
    speech corruption assault which is seen as fine if you happen to be a
    Muslim because you can claim Islamic culture allows these crimes
    against infidels, A civil religious war is coming against these cult
    animals they will then piss themselves & beg mercy Islam has
    stated it does not want peace it wants domination.
    Muslims with their cruel cult seem always through centuries adopt the baser
    instincts of greed & selfishness denoting or befitting a person
    of low social class without moral principles by appealing to the
    brainwashed teachings of their Islamic cult.
    Their Imam ministers or presidents or their able cohorts are constantly inducing
    one crisis after another Muslims only understand one thing & one
    thing only Islam, however the rest of the world know them to be
    inbred moronic animals much lower than dogs & swine who only live
    for their filthy perversions, Do not look for mercy from Islam you will not get it
    Take up arms and smite them as they have been instructed to smite all infidels,
    at the end of the day this is what it will come to if politicians in western nations do not act.

  2. A religion is not a race, therefore criticizing Islam’s brutal doctrines is not “racist”. Would a Satanist who practices child sacrifice be tolerated for the evil his religion stands for and does? What is the difference? Also, if questioning or pointing out the evil practices and false premises of Islam humiliates Muslims so be it. A religion that cannot be placed under the microscope and challenged philosophically and logically because of the illogical blind obedience of its adherents has no part in civilized society. People turned into monkeys, Jews turned into rats, palm trees speaking, the sun sinking into a muddy pond at night, etc.. Coercion is the evangelism of Islam, through threats of death and being maimed for not believing the false doctrines of Islam, the spreading of the “faith’ by the sword. This is one instance I take sides with Professor Dawkins. Islam is incompatible with the West, with liberty, and freedom of conscience. It is a cancer to be eradicated by extreme methods as deemed necessary and without mercy or remorse. Cancers are cut out, along with some health cells in order to keep it from regrowing. Treat Islam the same way.

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