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Daring to offend the elite is coming at a cost……

Time to read Denmark’s Flemming Rose’ speech on free speech in Helsinki.

German State TV runs afoul of the Stasi censors

An original translation by Nash Montana, and video by Egri Nok with much thanks!

From this German language version of RT’s website.

Amadeu Foundation demands deletion of ZDF satire piece about the foundation’s censorship madness on the internet

An unmasking of unprecedented proportion is plaguing the Amadeu Antonio Foundation of the ex-Stasi employer Anetta Kahane. She has just recently been crowned as the supreme watchdog in relation to “hate speech on the internet” by Heiko Maas, Germany’s Minister of Justice. And because of a ZDF piece which satirizes this, the Foundation has now activated the Board of Censors (Fernsehrat) to have the satire piece removed from its mediatheque.


It can be largely predicted how this is going to go from now on: The probability is very high that in the coming days a finely tuned hate campaign against Winter will be launched, during which, among other things, tweets will be unearthed and according to the contact co-guilt principle, the social context of the moderator will be put in the desired spotlight. All that with the maximum goal to chase Winter out of his reporter’s job. The list of those who have been robbed of their basis of existence through the ideological mania of self-appointed Leftists is long. And the internet is a beloved weapon of choice. And so we can clearly see in the case of Achim Winter, what the real problem is in Germany: The most dangerous “hate speakers” are currently advising the Federal Ministry of Justice.


More here.

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