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‘Drop the need for perfect Swedish when filling jobs’

'Drop the need for perfect Swedish when filling jobs'

More foreign-born than Swedish-born graduates use Sweden’s employment agency, according to Saco. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

Do employers care too much about Swedish language skills?

Sweden is better equipped to integrate refugees than many other countries, according to research from the OECD. The economy is strong, and integration policy is well-built.

But there are gaps. Not least in the labour market. In Sweden a greater proportion of foreign-born people are unemployed than people born in Sweden.

One reason may be that up to two thirds of all jobs in Sweden are appointed via informal contacts. Contacts that take time to build up, and are therefore out of reach for the majority of those who have recently arrived in the country.

When jobs are built on who you know, it isn’t only difficult to get them, it can also be difficult to find them.

According to Statistics Sweden (SCB), a lack of contacts is the main reason why those born abroad are not getting the jobs they are looking for within their field of expertise. For many, the employment agency, Arbetsförmedlingen, is the only route into work.

More foreign-born than Swedish-born graduates use Arbetsförmedlingen in their job search, according to studies Saco has carried out. This applies to both those already in a job, and those who are unemployed.

The difference in the extent to which those born in Sweden and those born abroad use the employment agency to find work is greater in Sweden than in any other OECD country.

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