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And a despotic, legislative belching totalitarian leviathan is in Europe’s favor?

I reject his illogical jackassery. A Europe of independent sovereign nations based upon rule of law, the enlightenment, strongly based market economy, along with a whittling away of the nanny state, is the best remedy against Russian tomfoolery.

Sweden: A divided EU is to Russia’s advantage

Sweden: A divided EU is to Russia's advantage

Gunnar Karlson, the head of Sweden’s main foreign intelligence agency. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

Published: 05 Jul 2016 07:41 GMT+02:00

“We know that Russia will benefit from and would like to see a split within the EU, and also NATO. It makes it easier for Russia to have an impact on their policies,” Major General Gunnar Karlson told news agency TT.

Karlson is the head of MUST, a branch of the Swedish Armed Forces that is the main foreign intelligence agency in the country. It is tasked primarily with identifying security threats to Sweden’s Armed Forces.

The military intelligence service, along with other Swedish security agencies, the Armed Forces and the country’s government, have all in recent years reported increasingly aggressive Russian military action in the Baltic Sea.

It is thought in Sweden that the overall political landscape in Europe may now favour Moscow’s interest. Along with the likelihood of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU following the Brexit vote, the EU also has a divided relationship with Russia. Several countries are more Moscow-friendly than Brussels desires.

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