Yeah……once again a young woman is murdered in a reception center for muslim settler fraudugees……

Police suspect murder at reception center – a young woman was found slain in Sweden

A young 20-year-old woman has been found dead in a Swedish refugee reception center.

The police suspect a crime and have told that they are investigating it as a murder.

Aftonbladet has reported on the incident.

Marianne Lund reception center is located in the Province of Eksjö Jönköping. 

– One person has reason to be suspected of murder, and was apprehended, said Mikael Ehne Jönköping police told Aftonbladet. 

Police were alerted by the reception center on Sunday at 13:30. Sources have it that there was a woman injured or lost her lif.

Upon entering the apartment, police found one woman dead. 

The conditions gave immediate reason to suspect murder. 

The police does not explain what the circumstances suggested. Police have anyway cagey details. 

25-year-old man is being sought for questioning first, and then was arrested on suspicion of murder. Dead woman lived at the reception center. The police did not want to comment, the man apprehended also lived at that reception center but would not tell what was his relationship with the woman. 

Previous serious crime in Sweden in a reception center took place in January in Mölndal, near Gothenburg. The center  refugee teenagers living there. 

The victim, was a woman who worked in the reception center, she died in hospital from her injuries received from the stabbing. The perpetrator was a reception center resident. He was arrested when other residents were holding him down.


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