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In the name of multiculturalism, they push for a return to tribalism and clans, with mono-culture Islam as the poster child of their multiculturalism project.

it doesn’t get any more sick than that

Defeating the nation states (which gave rise to the greatest societies ever seen before in the history of humankind) in the quest for the centralization of concentrated power, will inevitably lead to the balkanization of those former nation states and towards civil war.

Their thinking is so ass backwards, upside down and inside out that it’s staggering.

Leftist statism has been the albatross and chain around Europe’s neck for over 150 years, and will eventually lead it to ruin. The only hope for the future as I see it, are tiny islands of liberty in a sea of despotism and mayhem, till one day future generations will discover the philosophers of the Enlightenment and dare dream once again to believe in their inalienable rights, and form proper governance with serious checks and balances.

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