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The reason why Islam can never have an ”enlightenment” nor ever be ”reformed”, they have the benefit of history/hindsight, they know exactly where it will lead.

Also, this under girds the fact that, since no one else was armed in that bar, he had time to facebook his peeps for the last time and pay homage to Islamic State. If someone had been armed, he could have been shot dead, sparing tens of innocent lives.

‘Real Muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the West’: How Orlando gunman used Facebook to rage against America DURING his nightclub slaughter 

  • Omar Mateen made Facebook posts before and during his attack that killed 49 people at gay nightclub Pulse on Sunday morning 
  • Mateen blamed US airstrikes on the death of ‘innocent women and children’
  • He then wrote: ‘Now taste the Islamic state of vengeance’ and pledged his allegiance to the leader of ISIS 
  • Mateen also searched ‘Pulse Orlando’ and ‘shooting’ during the attack
  • Senate Homeland Security Committee has found five Facebook profiles associated with Mateen

The Orlando gunman who killed 49 people at a gay club wrote a series of Facebook posts before and during the attack raging against the ‘filthy ways of the west’.

Omar Mateen blamed US airstrikes for the death of ‘innocent women and children’, writing ‘now taste the Islamic state of vengeance’ on the same morning he fired shots into Pulse nightclub.

Mateen’s final post was a warning: ‘In the next few days you will see attacks from the Islamic state in the usa’.

The Facebook posts were revealed in a letter sent by the Senate Homeland Security Committee to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that requested additional information on Mateen’s online activity.

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