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What will most likely happen with a Brexit win, is a collapse of the present government, and the need for the Brexit camp to rally forces for a major parliamentary win in order for the MP’s to vote to leave due to public mandate and pressure.

NOTE: Undoubtedly UKIP’s Nigel Farage knows that these bastards will not just roll over until pushed over. They’ll put out a false campaign of ”we got the message, so now we’ll really try to reform the EU”, but it won’t be enough to assuage the public, UKIP (the British Tea Party of Thatcherism) has been way ahead of these varmints, and are not going to let up.

‘The EU referendum is merely advisory; it has no legal standing to force an exit. Parliament is still sovereign.

Brexit won’t happen even if we vote to leave the EU in referendum, says David Cameron’s father-in-law

David Cameron with Lord Astor and his wife Lady Astor, Samantha Cameron's mother  

David Cameron with Lord Astor and his wife Lady Astor, Samantha Cameron’s mother

  • Lord William Astor is Samantha Cameron’s stepfather
  • Condemned the EU as ‘unaccountable’ but said we should stay in
  • Predicted that MPs would block Brexit even if we vote to leave on June 23
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MPs will block Brexit even if we vote to leave the EU in the referendum, according to David Cameron’s father-in-law.

Lord Astor said he did not believe there would be a majority in the House of Commons to repeal the legislation that underpins our membership of the bloc.

The bizarre scenario is possible because the national ballot is only advisory – and most politicians support staying inside the EU.

There has already been speculation that MPs could prevent us quitting the European single market, as Brexit campaigners have suggested should happen if there is an Out vote on June 23.

Lord Astor – a Tory peer and Samantha Cameron’s stepfather – made the prediction as he set out his support for keeping ties with Brussels, despite delivering a devastating critique of the way it functions.

Writing on the Spectator website, Lord Astor said it was ‘difficult not to be Eurosceptic’ with the eurozone in turmoil and the Schengen open borders agreement was collapsing.

He also lamented the ‘democratic deficit’ that was making the EU ‘so unaccountable’ and causing the ‘rise of extreme nationalist political parties all over Europe’.

Lord Astor is Samantha Cameron's stepfather

Lord Astor is Samantha Cameron’s stepfather

The peer also raised the prospect that the Brussels club could collapse altogether unless it ‘undertakes serious reform’, dismissing many eastern members as ‘subsidy junkies’.

He wrote: ‘We Conservatives made a mistake when we thought that the inclusion of the Eastern bloc countries in the EU, after they were freed from the shackles of centralised rule, would be a beneficial influence,

‘Sadly most, with a couple of exceptions, have remained subsidy junkies beholden to Brussels in the same way they were once beholden to Moscow.’

But Lord Astor argued that a Brexit vote now was ‘not the answer’.

He said the Prime Minister had achieved ‘modest, hard fought but important reforms’ in his renegotiation.

‘If we the British are now the ones who remove the final plank of the support scaffold that is holding up the leaning tower of the EU we will not be forgiven by our EU partners,’ he wrote.

‘We will lose what influence we have to negotiate to persuade the other 27 countries to undertake meaningful reform.’

A vote to leave would also lead to the break-up of the UK, he warned, giving the SNP an ‘excuse’ to hold another independence referendum.

Spelling out how MPs might end up blocking us from leaving even if voters endorse the idea on June 23, the peer wrote: ‘Perhaps most important of all, if the Brexiteers win, an exit from the EU is actually not deliverable.

‘The EU referendum is merely advisory; it has no legal standing to force an exit. Parliament is still sovereign.

‘We will need an Act of Parliament to revoke the European Communities Act 1972, by which Britain joined the EEC or Common Market, or perhaps a paving bill enabling the Government to start the Leave negotiations. But whatever, a vote will be required.

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