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‘Thought we were going on a boat trip, ended up in SYRIA’: Three British tourists find themselves in war-torn region after a night out clubbing in Ayia Napa 

British tourists in war-torn region after night out clubbing in Ayia Napa 

Lewis Ellis, 25, Alex McCormick, 19, and James Wallman (pictured), 23, thought they were on a dolphin-watching trip but it turned out to be a boat transfer from Ayia Napa (inset left) to the Syrian port of Tartus. The club reps were oblivious until about halfway through their 100-mile trip across the Med on Monday, at which point they asked each other why they were so far from land and realised they were on the wrong vessel.

Upon landing in Tartus, which is 50 miles from the battle-scarred city of Homs (inset right), the trio were met by bemused military police stationed at a nearby Russian naval base. The hungover trio claim they still had no idea where they were until one of them was able to post on Facebook, revealing their location.

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