The same geniuses that got us into this mess, are the same ones saying that they’ve got the answer. More of our money.

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Now the EU wants an EXTRA £50 BILLION to solve the deepening migrant crisis

EUROPEAN Union bureaucrats want almost £50billion to solve the migration crisis, according to astonishing new reports.

The EU is proposing a new migration strategyGETTY

The EU is proposing a new migration strategy

Brussels is proposing a raft of expensive new measures to convince neighbouring countries in Africa and the Middle East to help it stem the tide of migrants.

Bureaucrats at the European Commission say the bloc should use its political and financial muscle to convince nations such as Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia to accept economic migrants and refugees returned by nations such as Britain.

They plan to offer the countries special financial incentives as part of their belated attempt to retake control of the EU’s borders.

The plans – proposed by the European Commission – could cost £50 billionGETTY

The plans – proposed by the European Commission – could cost £50 billion

The EU is set to launch talks with Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Ethiopia, as well as war-torn Mali and Libya.

It plans to establish a £48 billion European External Investment Fund to raise cash for large-scale projects to solve the “root causes” of immigration.

But a plan considered by officials would see the EU only provide £2.4billion in seed capital for the ambitious plans – leaving British taxpayers and those in other member states to foot the rest of the bill.

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